Qatars bid for green soccer

This weekend starts the Fifa football world cup in South Africa and everybody is keen to watch the world’s best players score. But some people are already planning 12 years ahead. The Emirate Qatar applied with many other to be the venue of the World Cup in 2022. But unlike the other contestants Qatar submitted a very unique proposal to persuade the Fifa selection committee. The proposal contains five renewable energy stadiums manly designed by German Albert Speer & Partner GmbH.
The models are a mixture of local characteristics and modern architecture with special attention to sustainability. Solar power supported by other renewable energy sources shall guarantee the CO2 neutrality and reduce the temperature in the stadium to a maximum of 27° degree Celsius.

Al-Shamal Stadium

Al-Shamals history is coined by fishing so the Stadium will be imitate a Dhow, a traditional fisher boat.

• Al-Khor Stadium

In the northeast situated city Al-Khor the Stadium will be based on a sea shell.

• Al-Gharafa Stadium

The Stadium does already exist but will be additionally equipped with a new facade coating the Stadium in bands in the colors of the participating nations.

• Al-Rayyan Stadium

The Rayyan Stadium will be upgraded with a LED facade screening sport events nonstop.

• Al-Wakrah Sports Complex

Al-Wakrah Sports Complex will be more than just a stadium it will be a complex of relaxing in spas, shopping in malls, living in exclusive hotels and watching first class soccer.

The design and eco-friendliness of the stadiums should position Qatar well in the competition for running as a host for the World Cup in 2022. Furthermore  Qatar has various supporters for instance the former Dutch Barcelona and Ajax player Ronal de Boer who ended his career in Qatar.


All pictures are from AS&P – Albert Speer & Partner GmbH


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