Pig City: A nice view for pork

The Rotterdam firm of architects MVRDV is known for its experimental design and is responsible for a good deal of the present Dutch architectural time. They proposed a futuristic concept to overcome the future pork production struggles in the Netherlands. With a production of 16.5 million tons of pork, the Netherlands is the chief exporter of pork within the European Union. In 1999, 15.2 million pigs and 15.5 million humans inhabited the Netherlands. One pig needs an area of 664 m2, including current food processing: composed of 50% intensive grain production and 50% industrial by-products. In the case of organic farming, pigs would be fed with 100% grain, leading to a required 130% more field surface due to reduced grain production. This would cause a demand of 1726 m3 per pig, including the organic food processing. This would mean that there would be only 774 m2 per person left for other activities. In other words 75% of the Netherlands would be dedicated to pigs (MVRDV.nl).Therefore MVRDV came up with „vertical farming“ instead of expanding the production grounds over the Netherlands they will rise up to the sky forming “Pig City” which comprises 76 towers, each 622 meters high and with floors measuring 87 by 87 meters on which pigs are to be kept, so called „Pig flats“. Each flat will be inhabited by an appropriate to the species’ number of pigs. Even a balcony to watch the sundown is included.

Each floor will be equipped with processing units composing a closed production circuit. An inventive water supply system and the eradication of transport during the production process shall make it eco-friendly. The pig steps into an integrated elevator and takes a ride to the butchers floor. All these aspects as well as the recycling of all used materials shall guarantee the future success of Pig City. The Dutch government partly supports the project financially.

If our future landscapes should be filled with pig skyscrapers is up for debate and I personally believe that eating a little bit less meat and being aware of what you eat would do the deal.

Look at the MVRDV’s proposal









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