Bionics: When nature teaches

First of all what are Bionics?
Many dictionaries and scientists describe bionics as the composition of biology and electronics. It is the study of nature and the application of a discovered aspects to invent new technologies and engineering approaches. The technical biology can be practiced on three different fields:

  • The construction bionics ( e.g.: conveyor techniques, pneumatic- and hydraulic systems)
  • The procedure or approach bionics ( e.g.: Photosynthesis and recycling)
  • The information bionics ( e.g.: neuro-informatics)

Bionics are interdisciplinary studied by scientist, engineers, architects, designers, etc. trying to make use of natures procedures. The evolution developed outstanding methods to explore and master every territory on this planet teaching scientist millenaries of adaptation and innovation.

Leonardo da Vinci is often referred to as the historical founder of bionics analyzing the flight of birds to build the first flying machines.
Today we use numerous inventions that are originally developed by nature. For instance has the hook-and-loop fastener been discovered by the Swiss scientist George de Mestral after examining the burrs of burdock that were stuck to his dogs skin.

The helicopter finds its origin in the samara of maple trees. The medical use of bionic technology is also growing steadily inventing stronger more flexible and sustainable prosthetics.
As our knowledge and understanding of physics and math advances we are able to understand and calculate natures inventions. More and more amenities can be drawn out of biological processes providing completely new possibilities on all sorts of fields.



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