Chatroulette is one of the newest internet trends. It is an internet video chat portal that is randomly connecting people around the globe. The portal was developed and programmed by the 17ten year old Andrei Terkovsky a Russian student in. He and his friends where board and with the help of Skype he came up with the idea and programmed the platform in two days and nights.
The only thing you need to chatroulette is a webcam and good nerves.
As the portal connects you to a random person it is high by chance that the other camera is capturing a total freak. Sometimes you connect to a group of students looking for a laughter, sometimes to entertaining people, singing karaoke and so on. If you are unlucky you see disgusting guys jerking off.But you can always disconnect and then you are immediately redirected to the next random person. So in the end it is definitely good for a laughter.

Clearly is Chatroulette nothing for everyone but Ternonsky reports already more than 1,5 million users in the beginning of March.
As the portal gets more and more known some celebrities played a game or even bands stream their concerts on Chatroulette. Definitely is Chatroulette an upcoming internet trend.
If you really want to get an idea of it, check it out for yourself.

Play Chatroulette.

Have a look at what could happen to you on Chatroulette.



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