Ecosia: Search and Save

Every search made on the internet causes CO2 pollution. By the amount of daily executed searches this adds up to quite a bit of CO2. How much CO2 it actually is varies from expert to expert but a young German has come up with a search engine that does not harm or environment, it protects it.
Ecosia is the name of the search engine that saves while you search. The developer Christian Kroll saved according to already 4.912.453,6 m² of rainforest with his first but not widely known search engine Forestle.

Christian Kroll (dpa)

For Ecosia he collaborates with Microsoft Bing, Yahoo and the WWF and predicts to save many millions of m² rainforest. The concept is that Bing and Yahoo provide the necessary technology for the search engine while at least 80% of the profit earned by the site, is donated to the Juruena national park in the Amazonas, a WWF project.
The sites claims to save 2m² of rainforest with every single search. This number is averaged because only sponsored links bring money ( like Google, etc ).
Additional are the Ecosia servers run by eco-electricity making it an all around eco-friendly project.
All around? I doubt as many others that Microsoft’s Bing and Yahoo are eco-friendly but I think this is not the crucial deficit. The crucial deficit is that it just doesn’t find as much as Google. But I think the project has shown a lot of creativity and effort in the right direction and therefore earns support.

For a more detailed instruction, see for yourself

Dutch introduction:

Detailed English  concept explenation :

Despite Ecosia there are some other, smaller search engines that try to make this world a better place. For instance a search engine where you can choose out of five social projects or Ecocho an Australian search engine and one of the first on eco-friendly terrain. Let’s hope for more green searching in the future.



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