Smart Energy Glass

Everyone knows how sunglasses can adjust transparency according to the level of light irradiation. Now this technology made its way into the office as well as private home.
The Dutch company peer+ developed worked on a project called smart energy glasses and now presents its results, a multitasking window that works as a solar panel, curtain or as an usual window.
The window can take on three different modes:

  1. The dark mode blocks out sunlight while it observes a moderate amount of sunlight.
  2. The bright mode works like an usual window the highest transparency level lets almost the entire light pass and let you work with full light.
  3. The privacy mode uses a moderate transparency and protects the inside from curious looks.
    Additional is this the most effective mode for energy absorption and storage.

Besides its energetic advantageous the smart energy glass comes in a great design offering eco-friendly, sustainable energy and style. If desired logos or text can be incorporated into the panels, which will appeal to countless businesses. After first tests and practices the windows seem very promising and the young, up-coming company is looking forward to new working collaborations.

Official Homepage:



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